Things that interest me…. and I hope interest you too!

A website… What is it exactly? Exactly!

Websites… . We visit them everyday. Do our banking on them, book our vacations, play games, and shop. But what “exactly” is a website? I even build them and I find myself struggling to come up with an intelligent definition. So let’s look to Wiki for one.

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How Typography Affects Conversions

I have always had a love for typography. Whether it be print, screen, or web, the graphical layout, choice, and combinations of typeface, size, leading, kerning, color, alignment, etc, is my favourite part of reading a stylized magazine, website, and opening credits of a movie. Type gives it away at first glance. Within 1 millisecond you know the what, who, and the why of any type of media. When done right, typography is a beautiful thing. Here is a great article on just that. Typography, who knew?

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So, what is this thing called WordPress anyways?

I had this great and lofty intention of writing a blog entry on WordPress. What is it? Why do we use it? How do we use it? The I came across the 5 minute video below that explains the whole topic way better than I ever could. So grab a coffee, have a seat, let’s and spend the next 5 minutes learning what WordPress is. It’s so awesome!

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